>Eclipse XSLT

>One of the projects I’m involved with at eclipse, is the XSL Tooling project. This is a Web Tools Incubating project. The goal is to provide a framework and a set of tools for working with XSL and leveraging the Web Standard Tools.

We had our first milestone release last month, and the next milestone release will be coming either today or tomorrow. One of the new items we added is an XML Perspective.

Some will ask why an XML perspective is needed. Won’t the existing perspectives work? They work to a point. The thing is even though XML is used across a wide variety of projects. There are still those projects which are purely XML projects. Take a Docbook or DITA project as examples. There may be no Web Sites or Application Servers involved in any of these projects. They are purely XML driven.

The same holds true for XML B2B standards work being done at places like STAR, OAGi, HR-XML, and others. These organizations work mostly with XML, XML Schema, and various other XML related technologies. These projects are consumed by the J2EE, PHP, and other programming projects, but can reside and be maintained independent of these projects.

So the XML Perspective provides the views that are most commonly used within an XML IDE. Expect to see this view enhanced as the XSL Tooling project moves forward in the coming months.

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3 Responses to >Eclipse XSLT

  1. >keep the good stuff coming 😉

  2. >oh and welcome to the planet

  3. tOMPSON says:

    >Great, I am really happy to see this feature making its way into Eclipse.Currently I am using Cooktop for all my XSLT needs, which is quite good, but I hope this project will make it obsolete for me.

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